by Dreamspoiler

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released September 21, 2015

mai- vocals
bailey- bass
aidan- guitar/vocals
eli- drums

recorded in san jose by mike lanier
mixed and mastered by jason hallyburton
cassette tapes out on fourth row records:



all rights reserved


Dreamspoiler California

mai. bailey. aidan. eli.

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Track Name: prayer garden
we are not broken
we don't need to be fixed
we're more than what you see
what you expect of us
wont let you dictate
what you think we should be
stop categorizing us
you can't define us
we are not broken

normal means nothing
we are all human

we are not broken
we don't need to be fixed
Track Name: landshark
sinking. my chest caves in. choking. i can't breath. and i'm spinning. my brains splitting. phantom killing.

i'm drowning.
you can't save me.
i'm drowning on dry land

when i told you i was fine i lied.
Track Name: no plans
trying to figure out whats next when everything has fallen apart. trying to figure out whats next but life's checklist was fucking wrong. nothing worth doing is easy. chin up its not always that bad.
do what you love to help your worries.
dwellings only hurting you.
why even bother.
get out of your head.
Track Name: throat.ripped.out
your words are sharper

stab me in the face so i can watch

than you know they'd be

with every step theres a nail in my foot

your jokes are cutting

blood, sticky and hot

cutting me deep

so excuse me if i limp

lay on my chest make my breathing labored

make it heavy like you

crush me under your weight

so i may sleep